Bye Bye Chunky Furniture!

July 15, 2020 4 min read

The original idea was supposed to be beachy and calm, bluesy and free. Instead, we are going with a bit modern, smidge dramatic, still airy and open. Either way that chunky clunky furniture had to go! 

One thing no one talks about it the RV door and how much won't fit through it! The She-Beast has a standard size RV door that measures 24 inches if you take the door off, which pretty much lets you have child size furniture in there. Once we got in there and started looking at the jack knife sofa that has a hide away bed, we realized it was assembled inside the RV and that is the only way it was going to come out. Hubs had to have multiple tools and drills that were above my pay grade.

An electric screwdriver for sure was in there, but I know we could have used a crow bar or something that would have helped him pry off the stuck on pieces that we couldn't get off. It was full of cat hair and old receipts spanning from California to Washington DC. I was semi impressed with the travel, not at all amused at the cat hair. 

It came apart in 4 pieces and we tossed the whole thing. We were both completely covered in the cat hair just by removing the sofa pieces. I love animals, but I didn't even get to pet the kitty! 

At first I was going to save parts of the bench booth and replace the table with a cute pedestal table but I was sick of looking at the way the booth jutted out in a random not flowy,  not functional way and I wanted to gag every time I looked at the weird fabric cornice that went on top of it, so I ripped it out. No regrets. I was stumped on what color I would paint it and I was also not loving the way my DIY pillow cases for the cushions were turning out. YOLO! Gone! 

I found these super cute chairs for $25 for the pair on FB Marketplace and never looked back. The color will be revealed soon! They are a bright color but we can find or make some easy slipcovers in a neutral for other seasons. 

I found this futon first and it was perfect for the first vision of the RV but now I needed it to be less cream, more stark white so I found a duvet cover and made sure that it fit snuggly when I tucked in. These pillows were free on my neighborhood FB group and I found a few shirts in my daughters closet that I made DIY pillow cases out of. I paid only $35 for the futon and the pillows and DIY covers. The blankets were from my linen closet! 

This futon is the one I found second and I am so glad I picked it up. Its the perfect splash of dark when you add bright throws and pillows layered. Its memory foam also so its the perfect fold out to sleep on. I got it for $60 on FB marketplace as well. 

The She-Beast had the original cornices and drapes over the windows that were so dated and dusty, they were the first thing to be tossed. I found a wedding supplier that had liquidated a lot of their table linens and bought three white and three black table cloths. I had planned to use them to cover the old cushions for the booth, but they really don't have enough stretch for a pillow cover with so much wear to be expected. Instead I used them as drapes!

I measured each window curtain rod to floor, leaving a little room for error and wanted them to be flowy and land on the floor with a little elegance. I cut them out according to the width and length I needed them to be. Each window was different so I made sure to cut all the sizes first and used zip lock baggies to label which one was which. Then I went back and sewed them each.  I used a dollar sewing kit and I bought a roll of thread of each black and white just in case, all in for drapes was $17 for the whole RV.  I didn't feel like I had to get too fancy on the design of the drapes. I folded over the top all the way across about an inch so the rod would slide through easily.  I put a small hook on either side of every window so we could tie them to stay. I cut white and black pieces of yarn and then made a ton of extras because I knew they would get lost. I cut about 60 pieces while binge watching Queen Of The South. Love that show. 

I made the loop hole big enough to slide easily. I wanted them to be able to be a traditional pull to the side, or pull all the way over and show as much of the window as possible. The loops turned 

The cute little breakfast area is my favorite part of the whole living area. Its so classy and delicate. The pedestal table doesn't technically fit into the decor of modern or Moroccan but I think it fits so perfectly in the space. Its big enough for two to have a meal or one to have a little desk space. Another FB marketplace find for $25. I wrestled with which color to paint it because I wanted it to be a statement but not a total focal point, because I had a vision of fresh flowers on it. I think it turned out so cute and perfect for the space! A pretty fruit bowl or flower bowl is easily swapped out to keep the look fresh!




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