RV Delivery Nightmare!

July 09, 2020 3 min read

Yay! We got our RV! Boo, it has to go back!

I knew there would be some casualties along the way but I didn't expect for them to start right out of the gate. I should have though, because that is how I roll! Ha!

We finally took delivery of the RV, three weeks and a couple days after we purchased it. To say I was anxious to get my hands on this She-Beast is an understatement! 

I met the delivery driver at the front of the park and escorted him back to our rented space and had him show me all the bells and whistles and immediately I felt a swell of nerves as I was worried I would forget how everything worked! He assured me I was capable and allowed me to video him showing me everything so I could refer back later should I forget. His face when I told him I had never been in another RV was priceless. He asked me, are you one of those HGTV ladies? Ha! I said, "Well I would be a rockstar on the 'What Not To Do' show if there is a show like that. He cracked a good-luck-smile and took my $100. Ha! 

Since it was the middle of the day, I had my tiny terrorists with me and only had time to see it set up and flip on the AC so I could work in it later after hubs was off work. We left the AC on for about 5 hours before we headed back over to start ripping out ugly furniture. We had been there about 2 hours when we started smelling a strong ammonia smell. It was so strong we had decided to pack up the littles and take them home. Before we could get the kids out, an alarm started screeching and we went into emergency mode.

Who do we call? Do we call the fire department? Do we call Triple A? Do we call a repair place? 

Of course we turned all propane tanks off, AC off and opened all the windows and stood outside googling our fingers off.

"Ammonia smell in RV." "RV smells like cleaning supplies." "Ammonia smell set off alarm in RV." 

Even standing outside we could smell it. I called my bestie who has an RV enthusiast husband and he offered to come over to check it out. Thankfully the alarm stopped in the meantime and we felt comfortable taking the littles home real quick. After all the googling and the RV master coming over, we felt confident the FRIDGE was out. Evidently, RV refrigerators use a small amount of real ammonia similar to Freon. According to my RV Degree from Google University, most times the means the fridge is beyond repair. Arrghh. 

At this point, I am frustrated but still hopeful. When we were doing the walk through on the RV, we were explained that the fridge takes 6-8 hours to be cold and obviously we couldn't have the rig run for that long. Thankfully the same RV savior who came to our rescue, had come along on our walk through. We asked specifically what happens if the fridge or heater or other necessary thing that cannot truly be tested in the RV dealership parking lot, is not working properly, what happens?  We were told that everything had a 90 day warranty. Cool, right? 

I called as soon as the dealership opened and got in touch with the GM who had confirmed the 90 day warranty, or so I thought. He politely explained that the RV was an as-is purchase and repairs were not included. At this point I was near tears, of anger. I explained the walk though and that we had asked specifically about the fridge, all the things that needed to be explained. Eight hours later they called me back to say they would, work on the fridge in good faith but I had to take it back to them which I have no vehicle to do so with! After much back and forth, they are "working on a solution to help me get it back up there to get it fixed." 

All that being said, I am choosing to remain positive and think that they will do the right thing! And in the mean time, I will push on with renovating, after all the fridge isn't needed right this second, and the smell stopped after we ran the AC the next day. 

Onward and upwards!

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