RV Kitchen Backsplash & Counters!

July 20, 2020 3 min read

Getting past all the boring cabinet painting and wall painting had to be done before I could move on to the best part of the kitchen, the back splash. I was so ancy getting the cabinets and walls done I could hardly stand it. I really wanted something to stand out and be different but not something that would compete with the floors. I loved all the patterns out there and it would have been really easy to let my pattern fickle heart pick all the pretty designs and make everyone dizzy with them all. 

I looked far and wide for counter tops that were something over than this marble. Complete honesty they were not my first choice aesthetically but I didn't want to chance the durability. I probably looked at 100 patterns and choices before I gave in and picked this. It had the best reviews and coincidentally it was the best price. It really doesn't accent the back splash as much as I would like but it isn't bad. On its own it's very pretty, it's just very popular and I see it on every RV reno. Had I thrown caution to the wind, I would have picked a high gloss white to contrast the Tricorn black. But alas, my heart will go on. 

The back splash was a labor of love. Keeping in step with the $500 budget and as much of it thrifted as possible, I set out on a mission to find left over packages of sticky tiles to buy from someone. When I struck out, I decided I could paint a semi-gloss white and attempt my hand at a stencil.

Stencils are expensive! I reached out to a friend who owns a sign business called Ella-ish (she named it after her cute curly headed daughter) and asked if she could make me a stencil from disposable plates. She found a pattern and made them for me! It only cost me the paper plates! I had to be very careful and dab the paint on very slowly and lightly, waiting to pull off the stencil for the paint to dry completely. I mixed a little of the Tricorn black and some white to make the design a little less pigmented. I had to go verrrrry slow, tape up one row, blot paint on very lightly and then wait for it to dry to pull up the stencil to see where it needed a touch up, and then redo it in those little spots, and then repeat. Then I would move the stencils up a row. It was my first time to ever use a stencil so I was trying to be very careful and because the stove is very deep I was really having to contort my arm and wrist to paint. In retrospect I would have saved this one for the last stencil so I would have had a little more practice. 

The counter top contact paper went on very easily, another one I had to go slow. I used a kids book to smooth the bubbles and an exacto knife from my hubs tool box to cut. The round edges I made slits in as I folded it over so to have as few wrinkles in the edges as possible. I bought a dollar tube of caulk from Dollar Tree and went around the edges of the counters, wall and sink, using a damp baby wipe to remove excess and smooth out the bubbles in the caulk. The hardest part was maneuvering my arm the right way to get the bubbles smoothed out. This step could have easily been skipped but it adds a lot in professional look. It really helps the counters be a little more believable and I think it will help with durability.

The kitchen cost was pretty low, contact paper from Amazon was $20, caulk was $1, paint was free, stencil was the cost of a few disposable plates I already had & the sun mirror was $1 from the Dollar Tree. She-Beast kitchen makeover was $22ish and it's different. I'm happy!


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