She-Beast RV Design & Inspiration

July 10, 2020 3 min read

The original vision for the RV was a misfire. I will admit I wanted to go full Joanna Gaines meets Jeff Lewis. I envisioned a beachy farm house with a modest amount of ship-lap and a teeny dose of drama, focusing on calm more than anything. My color scheme was going to be bluesy with some ivories and a dash of grey. It was not meant to be. If you've ever seen my home, this is almost my house exactly. It was my natural instinct to go with familiar and with what I know goes together and compliments my own personality. I was going to go comfortable. 

The biggest goal for this project was to thrift everything I could and to stay under a $500 budget for renovations. I started before it got delivered by asking on my local neighborhood social media pages for extra paint that I could take off anyone's hands. I ended up with a ton of paint to use, thank you neighbors!! I brought all the paint to the RV and started assessing what I had. I had a plethora (yes, that is an everyday smart ass word for me) of white paint. Which at first glance, was a win! 

The RV was brown and dusty green and felt like a cave. I was craving bright and airy and I thought the white paint would be the exact remedy for opening up the space. After clearing out all the bulky old original furniture, I realized the color scheme was going to be tricky. Being that the RV has a lot of black metal trim I had to either incorporate black into the scheme, or rethink it. 

I reassessed all scenarios and looked at my paint collection and saw that the color of the year for Sherwin Williams, used by Chelsea Houska and Jeff Lewis himself (obsessed with him even though he can be a jerk!) Tricorn Black, was also in my stash! Back to Pinterest I went. I found this sweet little RV makeover and fell in love with the black and white contrast and am so glad I decided to go with a new palette rather than try to make another pigment fit in such a little space. Truth be told, I think it might have been too much to digest for such a small space. 

The vision is now more modern and will have some Moroccan inspired accents and statements. I'm hoping I can keep the accents neutral enough to play second to the interchangeable colors. Being the RV will have a black, white, grey palette now, we can have one or two bright pops of color rotate through using pillows and vases that can easily be changed out each season or mood. I can't wait to show you the first two accent colors!  

Along with the colors to help open up the space, the bulky traditional RV furniture had to be ripped out. I found all the furniture on FB marketplace second hand and I am making the curtains with a simple sewing kit out of leftover table clothes. Luckily there are a ton of windows that will help brighten the space with delicious natural light. All the cornices and dated drapes were ripped out, along with the booth. I contemplated keeping one side of the booth but then I found a pair of cute chairs that were a great pop of color so I had hubby go ahead and rip it out. That gave it so much more space! I think the booth was begging to be ripped out. Bye booth!  By ugly fabric cushions!



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