We Bought An RV!

July 06, 2020 2 min read


Look how ugly this thing is!! Why not add another project in the mix?!  If you know me well, this comes as no surprise, although it would have been less surprising if I bought a train to go with our train wreck chaos! Regardless, I am pumped to be remodeling this thing! It's a 2011, 28 foot travel trailer. I had never been in an RV in my adult life so this was all brand new to me and of course some mistakes were made but we are trucking along! 

The very first day I was "just looking" I called my husband and said, "Hey babe, can you send me the insurance card? I just bought an RV. Oops."  And from there, the crazy began!

The RV was purchased from a dealer near us and comparing other model years and size, condition from the research I'd done online, it was a good deal. The RV itself was in pretty good shape, as far as we could tell, all the important items in the rig were in good working order. The most important thing, being we are in Texas was that the AC worked, very close second, the plumbing. Of course some things couldn't really be verified as we were there on the lot, or even during the walk through. We asked a few conditions be met prior to signing the purchase papers, one of which was the decals on the outside being removed and improved. If you've not been around RV decals, they are a bitch to remove and rehab. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it leaves a huge sticky mess. On the day we came to do the walk through they showed us the very ugly remnants of the original decals, which looked worse than before they started. The dealer did the hands up gesture, "we tried!" 

Luckily, it wasn't a huge fight to get them to agree to keep trying and in the end, we were very happy with the exterior of the rig, unfortunately they had to keep it an extra week and a few days. Not a huge deal, but one I wished had been told prior to us purchasing. At this point we were nearly three weeks from date of purchase to delivery! All in all, we are happy to get started on this beauty! 

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