Evelyn Olive Belted Top

The Evelyn Olive Belted Top is the most flattering design on a button down top. The belt boasts a waist line and draws a femme detail while keeping the simple lines & elegance of the traditional collared style. A soft material makes for a comfortable & chic look. 


4-6:       L: 25" B: 36" W: 34"
6-8:  L: 26" B: 37" W: 35"
8-10:       L: 27" B: 38" W: 36"
10-12:            L: 28" B: 39" W: 37"

Sizing Information



Aubrey Market is about size positivity and size inclusion. We are actively changing the landscape of women's boutique size outlooks and not apologizing. In an effort to celebrate all women's bodies, sizes, shapes and curves, we've rejected generic size labels. All of our pieces have garment measurements along with fabric content in the pieces description. Instead of Small, Large, Plus Size, etc labels that don't translate universally we have our inventory sorted showing number size range, as a more realistic way to shop. 

You are not your size label. You are worthy of boutique pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful and we are here to make it easier to shop for YOU.